Winstrol Cycles

Winstrol CyclesSteroids produce the most benefits with the fewest health risks whenever they are taken in cycles. Winstrol cycles will vary based upon your gender and reason for taking it.

Cutting Cycles

Cutting cycles occur whenever a user is trying to reduce fat and build muscle through strenuous exercise. When used for cutting, Winstrol cycles allow individuals to firm and tone certain parts of the body that may not normally respond well to diet and exercise alone. Since it also has diuretic properties, it also helps muscles become more defined and noticeable.

Bulking Cycles

Winstrol is sometimes used in bodybuilding in order to drastically increase muscle mass. Winstrol cycles designed for extreme muscle building tend to require larger doses be taken and for longer periods of time. Winstrol may also be combined or stacked with other steroids such as Deca, Nilevar, Boldenone, Masteron or Trenbolone to produce even more dramatic results.

Female Cycle

Winstrol cycles for women tend to involve very low doses of this steroid, typically around 10 mg every day or every other day for a period of six to eight weeks. Most athletic trainers recommend women begin with 10 mg every other day and then increase to 10 mg daily if there are no signs of virilization. This should be followed by a rest period of around six to eight weeks, after which time the process can then be repeated provided the steroid is being tolerated well.

Beginning Male Cycle

Male Winstrol cycles can last longer and include larger doses of this steroid. Men who are just beginning to use Winstrol should start with around 50 mg daily for a period of six to eight weeks. This should be followed by a rest period of around the same length of time during which no steroids or supplements whatsoever are taken. They can then increase their dosage with each subsequent cycle in order to enjoy even greater results.

Intermediate Male Cycle

During intermediate cycles, both the dosage level and the length of the cycle can be increased somewhat. A typical intermediate cycle involves taking between 50 and 100 mg of injectable Winstrol or 60 mg of oral Winstrol daily for a period of around eight to ten weeks. Men should still avoid “stacking” Winstrol with other steroids until they are sure they can handle the higher dosage. A rest period of between six to eight weeks is needed between cycles.

Advanced Male Cycle

Advanced Winstrol cycles are completed by taking up to 100 mg of injectable Winstrol or 60 mg of oral Winstrol daily for a period of up to ten weeks. During an advanced cycle, users may also stack this steroid with others in order to maximize the benefits. Some users will begin taking lower doses of Winstrol in the beginning of a cycle, and then increase the amount taken near the end of their cycle. This is an especially effective method for bodybuilders, as the greatest results tend to occur 14 days after beginning to take the maximum dosage.

It’s important to note that even regular users may experience different results and/or side effects during each cycle. Those who notice unusual symptoms should stop taking Winstrol and consult with their physician, even if they have previously tolerated this steroid well in the past.